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The need to invest wisely

Industrial assets need to be continuously optimized and modified to improve process efficiency, uncover new business opportunities, adapt to changing market circumstances, and reduce environmental footprintIt is crucial to invest wisely, prioritizing projects that clearly improve company agility with a suitable return on investment.

How we can help

ENGIE Laborelec supports industrial companies in their efforts to increase manufacturing efficiency, reduce operational costs and make production more sustainable. With decades of field experience in industrial processes in power plants and other industrial installations, our experts offer sound independent advice, so that industry can optimize asset utilization and achieve performance levels beyond expectations.

In practice

Our services help industrial companies to greater agility, optimizing process parameters, improving equipment monitoring, streamlining maintenance, reducing energy consumption, and reducing carbon emissions.

We offer expert services and advice on the following types of asset:

Electrical and mechanical equipment

Services include on-site and off-site testing, mobile electrical testing, cable assessment and fault tracking, and partial discharge testing.

Heat and steam cycle equipment

Services include SCR catalyst assessment and maintenance, and combustion tuning.

Chemical and biological process installations

Including water de-ionization.

Renewable energy production and battery storage

Services are provided across the entire value chain, including wind and solar energy production, battery storage, and connection to the grid.

In addition, for all domains mentioned above, services also include:

  • comprehensive root cause analysis (RCA)
  • vendor and equipment selection
  • witnessing of factory acceptance tests (FAT) and site acceptance tests (SAT)
  • ISO 17025 qualified laboratory services
  • cybersecurity advice and guidance

Featured services

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