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Improving operations and maintenance, addressing ageing and preparing for decommissioning and dismantling

Nuclear power plants are facing major challenges and ENGIE Laborelec is helping them out with expert services. Having several decades of field experience in NPP operations, we provide technical assistance in areas such as water chemistry, radioactive waste management, materials integrity, equipment qualification, and LTO.

Our experience-based nuclear services make your operations safer and more efficient and reliable. They also allow you to firmly address ageing and qualification issues. In addition, we help power plants to alleviate the risks of their decommissioning and dismantling projects.

Improving nuclear operations and maintenance

ENGIE Laborelec assists nuclear operators in the daily operation of the plant through a wide range of expert services.

  • Chemistry and waste services – We optimize water chemistry programs for the PWR primary, secondary and tertiary systems. We also develop, monitor and support solutions for the characterization, treatment and conditioning of operational and legacy radioactive waste. And we carry out all types of radiological measurements and provide equipment calibration services.
  • Materials – We provide materials integrity assessment services on metals, alloys, concrete, ceramics, plastics, polymers and composite materials, using in-depth knowledge of degradation phenomena and causes.
  • Non-destructive testing – We provide assistance in applying NDT techniques, perform independent inspections, develop innovative approaches to NDT, and qualify new techniques.
  • Monitoring – We follow your assets remotely and advise timely when actions should be taken, 24/7. A few examples in the fields of power cables, batteries, vibrations of turbogroups, power quality and power transformers.

Addressing ageing, obsolescence and qualification

PWR’s that have been operational for 45 years and more are facing significant ageing and obsolescence issues. ENGIE Laborelec helps operators to successfully address these issues.

  • We qualify electrical and I&C components.
  • We provide qualified replacement equipment using reverse engineering and commercial grade dedication.
  • We implement ageing management programs and develop maintenance strategies.
  • We provide comprehensive services for LTO projects, including assistance in SALTO missions.

De-risking decommissioning and dismantling projects

Multiple challenges arise for operators who are facing their first-ever decommissioning and dismantling project. ENGIE Laborelec reduces the risks with tailored services that aim to solve your most difficult problems.

  • We characterize complex types and geometries of nuclear waste, including the waste that will result from D&D activities such as reactor vessel components, control rods and other components from the reactor pool, shielding material, and bulk materials.
  • We also provide onsite calibration services for radiological measurement equipment, making sure that the measurements are reliable.
  • We develop and monitor solutions for the sorting, treatment and conditioning of any radioactive waste that will result from your plant’s final shutdown and dismantling, and we make sure that they comply with Waste Acceptance Criteria and will be accepted by the authorities in a timely manner.
  • We focus on the ‘specials’ that might keep you up at night, developing smart, feasible solutions that meet all requirements while keeping costs within the budgetary limits.
  • We work according to the highest nuclear safety standards.
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