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ENGIE Laborelec offers services to all players in the electricity sector. Electricity producers and grid operators are among our historical customers, but our offer does not end there: we also serve the industry in its broadest sense, as well as communities and the public sector.

Much of our support focuses on the day-to-day operation of our customers’ facilities. Our goals are to protect the value of their investments and improve the performance of their assets. But beyond operations, we also provide upstream assistance for engineering companies, investors and others.

Another of our mission is to drive innovation. Because we firmly believe in the virtuous circle of operational assistance and the upstream R&D which feeds it, we’re confident that our contracted research services provide essential and well-targeted support to customers when they need it.

So, what can we do for you?

Do you have
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Our website is more than just our showcase. It describes who we are, where we come from, and what we do for our different groups of customers. But if you have just two minutes to devote to us, this video is for you. It’s a helicopter view of solutions, our areas of operation, and the expertise and skills we can call upon from our 280 dedicated colleagues.


Three-year Climate Plan will decrease carbon footprint by 20%

As a company working at the heart of the energy transition, and committed to promoting net zero carbon, Laborelec takes…

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Sustainable lighting

Diversifying research on the impact of public lighting on biodiversity

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Public electric vehicle charging at large scale

Are our cities and infrastructure ready for it?

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Root cause analysis involving CCPP equipment

ENGIE Laborelec’s root cause analysis (RCA) activities for CCPPs have seen enormous growth over the past few years. Customers appreciate…

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Scrutinizing zero-emission supercritical CO2 cycle technology

ENGIE Laborelec is conducting technical due diligence on NET Power’s supercritical CO2 power cycle. This groundbreaking technology is a potential…

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