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Grids are becoming more complex

Power grid operators face huge challenges. The grids themselves, as well as the associated equipment, are inevitably subject to ageing, requiring targeted investment to avoid any deterioration in power quality and reliability. In addition, the grids are becoming much more complex due to the rise in decentralized production, the development of smart grids and the growing need for intermediate power storage.

How we can help

Laborelec supports power grid operators with custom technical advice and services to protect network investment, improve grid reliability and performance, and anticipate future evolutions. Our multidisciplinary team of experts has many years of experience in monitoring, analysis and tuning power grids of all sizes and complexities. Our engineers devise and carry out field measurement campaigns, conduct chemical, mechanical and electrical laboratory analyses, and develop complex simulations to comprehensively address these challenges. We are also extensively involved in a broad range of power grid research programs, proofs of concept, and collaborative pilot projects.

Our multidisciplinary services support grid operators in the following domains:

Improving the quality, life span, efficiency and safety of networks

Services include power quality monitoring, electrical equipment inspections, assessments and audits, and related maintenance and renewal advice. It also includes troubleshooting services, for example with respect to electromagnetic interference. In addition, we perform root cause analyses to prevent future problems.

Defining and optimizing network design

Designs are tailored to operator-specific parameters and circumstances, deploying novel technologies where appropriate. Designs take into account decentralized generation scenarios and may include first-of-a-kind solutions in domains like IoT, smart grids, micro-grids, power storage or electric vehicles battery management.

Supplier-independent assistance in network deployment

This includes drawing up specifications for electrical equipment and components and providing supplier-independent advice on the use of techniques and material. Deployment services also include auditing and tuning network settings and performing validation measurements and start-up tests and assessments.

Featured services

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