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A leading centre of expertise and research in the field of electrical energy, Laborelec – part of ENGIE Research & Innovation – employs 370 talented specialist engineers and technicians. The company offers operational assistance, technical consulting, and applied R&D services across the entire electricity value chain. This rich profile allows Laborelec to have a positive societal impact on a number of levels. 

Supporting the energy transition

The energy transition requires to develop new technologies and implement them progressively on an industrial scale. Most of our R&D projects pursue precisely these objectives, among them: 

Testing and comparing a range of solar and wind technologies ;
Incrementally overcoming the operational pitfalls associated with new solar and wind farms ;
Developing solutions to optimally manage energy flows such as energy management systems (EMS) ;
Testing and comparing how various industrial and domestic scale battery systems perform ;
The electrification of industrial processes ;
And many more.

Supporting the Belgian energy system

Since the company was created, ENGIE Laborelec’s mission has been to centralize expertise and pool resources dedicated to R&D and operational advancement. Today, despite the freeing up of the energy markets, our coure concerns remain the same. Whether it’s optimizing solar power plant design, improving wind farm operation, responding to questions of nuclear unit lifetime extension, or supporting electricity networks of all sizes, we continue to provide assistance to almost every player in the Belgian energy sector.  

Maintaining Belgian expertise

Active across the entire electricity value chain and at every step of a technical installation’s life cycle, ENGIE Laborelec brings together leading-edge expertise in a range of technical areas, including electrical engineering, chemistry and materials science, nuclear technologies, mechanical engineering, industrial cybersecurity, and many others. 

Connecting industry with academia

ENGIE Laborelec forms a natural interface between the industrial and academic sectors. Through what we do, many companies in the industrial sector have access to knowledge normally confined to the academic world. Conversely, many academic projects benefit from our input to ensure they remain up to speed with practical industrial issues.

Belgium's international influence

International collaborative research is a core Laborelec activity. Most R&D projects are carried out by international consortia bringing together universities or centres of research, and industry, as well as commercial and public stakeholders.  

Laborelec can also call upon a network of subsidiaries in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, putting our experts in continuous contact with its partners and customers on an international scale. 

Stable employment

From its creation, ENGIE Laborelec has provided stable employment for hundreds of workers. We employ a wide range of profiles, including civil and industrial engineers, doctors of science or applied science, and technicians specializing in a range of disciplines. 

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