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ENGIE, Carmeuse, and John Cockerill join forces to reduce industrial CO2 emissions in Wallonia

A new carbon capture project in Wallonia, Belgium seems set to save the better part of a million tonnes of…

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First research contract with European Space Agency (ESA)

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a first research contract with the European Space Agency (ESA). The…

HIPERION – Panels with embedded lenses to revolutionize PV industry

How must Europe’s PV industry address foreign competition? The HIPERION R&D project is working on mass production of innovative PV panels with embedded lenses.

MUSE GRIDS – Becoming less dependent from the external grid

How can local communities become less dependent from the external energy grid? The MUSE GRIDS R&D project aims to demonstrate a set of solutions in real-life operational conditions.

POWERKITE – Leveraging Deep Green tidal energy

Powerkite is an R&D project on Deep Green tidal energy, which involves sweeping a turbine across a large underwater area, producing electricity from slow tidal and ocean currents.
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