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Testing the new generation of high-capacity PV modules

Laborelec is conducting tests on the newest generation of PV…

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Studying exhaust gas recirculation to improve CCGT carbon capture

ENGIE Laborelec’s research into exhaust gas recirculation, to optimize post-combustion…

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Wider research on how public lighting affects biodiversity

Laborelec, part of ENGIE Research & Innovation, is further widening…

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Self-healing concrete rigorously tested in real-world conditions

After a series of laboratory tests on concrete samples, Laborelec,…

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Preparing for the most extensive wind farm control experiment so far

ENGIE Laborelec’s engagement in the NREL Awaken project brings research…

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Stress-tests on vanadium redox flow batteries using accelerated ageing

ENGIE Laborelec is implementing a flexible and robust method to…

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Forward 2030 – First stage completed

Laborelec, part of ENGIE Research & Innovation, completed the first…

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Sustainable lighting

Diversifying research on the impact of public lighting on biodiversity

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Space project with European space agency

Projects with European Space Agency

Space is an enticing laboratory for the future of humankind…

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Aquilon Project Airbone Windkite

Aquilon project

A 100% renewable-fed, constant power system is being developed by…

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3D printing laser

Second research contract with European Space Agency (ESA)

Rocketing onwards and upwards: we have just signed a second…

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ROBOT Sabca NDT ENGIE Laborelec

First research contract with European Space Agency (ESA)

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a…

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ENGIE, Carmeuse, and John Cockerill join forces to reduce industrial CO2 emissions in Wallonia

A new carbon capture project in Wallonia, Belgium seems set…

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HIPERION – Panels with embedded lenses to revolutionize PV industry

16 partners, including universities and industries from 9 countries. 48 months,…

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MUSE GRIDS – Becoming less dependent from the external grid

19 partners, including universities and industries from 7 countries. 36…

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POWERKITE – Leveraging Deep Green tidal energy

9 partners, including universities and industries from 3 countries. 36…

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