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Keeping power transformers in healthy condition can be a major headache. And the safety risks of failure are a real concern. Maintenance is expensive, time-consuming and not without risk, especially when you have a large and diverse transformer fleet to manage.

How can you be sure that you’re not wasting money on transformer servicing, or even a major overhaul or replacement, without really knowing whether it’s absolutely appropriate? Is your transformer maintenance regime cost-effective, and how can you save money without putting your plant and the security of your personnel at risk? ENGIE Laborelec’s Fleet Screening provides the answer.

Taking the guesswork out of transformer management

Statistically, 1 in 200 transformers suffers a serious failure every year, while fires are an all too common destructive occurrence, with potential tragic human consequences as well as material costs. Eliminating these risks, improving efficiency and effectiveness, while potentially making substantial cost savings, requires a big picture approach.

Ageing fleets and tight budgets mean tough choices

A typical transformer fleet is a diverse collection of machines of different ages and designs, and from different manufacturers, some no longer in existence. With tight budgets, operators face hard decisions about whether to continue maintaining older models or opt for replacement. Laborelec’s independent analysis and advice turns these tough choices into confident fully-informed decision-making.


ENGIE Laborelec currently monitors a huge fleet of various brands of transformers for customers in various sectors, including power generation, distribution and transmission grids, and other major industries.

ENGIE Laborelec is known worldwide for its oil analysis services and its in-house oil analysis laboratories.

ENGIE Laborelec is brand neutral and its advice is objective. The company has no commercial links with any oil suppliers, transformer OEMs, or maintenance and filtration companies.

ENGIE Laborelec is an important player in the CIGRE and IEC standardization committees, and first to know about best practices, promising new techniques and upcoming regulations.

ENGIE Laborelec delivers one report enabling you to efficiently manage your transformer fleet:

  • Efficient maintenance. No unnecessary servicing.
  • Investment prioritization. Replacement on a needs basis.
  • Business continuity. Avoid costly shutdowns.


How it works

ENGIE Laborelec’s Fleet Screening programme is the intelligent way to plan the safe and cost-effective management of your entire fleet of transformers. This expert service provides a comprehensive fleet health assessment, taking the uncertainty out of crucial maintenance, repair and replacement decisions.


Data about each transformer in the fleet are gathered and collated, all in one single report, for easy analysis, including:

  • Technical transformer data and specifications
  • Transformer maintenance history
  • Oil analysis results
  • Electrical test results


ENGIE Laborelec experts analyze all collected data to evaluate each transformer in four areas:

  • Internal fault detection (dissolved gases)
  • Oil quality
  • Insulation paper ageing
  • Corrosive sulphur risk


Based on this detailed analysis, ENGIE Laborelec summarizes everything you need to know about the state of your transformer fleet, and any additional steps needed to keep it in healthy condition.Based on this detailed analysis, ENGIE Laborelec summarizes everything you need to know about the state of your transformer fleet, and any additional steps needed to keep it in healthy condition.


Actions are prioritized – and individual transformers are identified for more detailed design and condition assessment.


One complete report, leaving nothing to chance. Rigorous, complete, and all in one place.

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A clear colour-coded action plan

A colour-coded action plan is part of the final report. If actions are coded GREEN you’re good to go. ORANGE or YELLOW mean that intervention is required, with a clear indication of timescale and level of urgency. RED means immediate attention must be prioritized.

Oil analysis: a core business for more than 50 years

The ENGIE Laborelec oil analysis laboratory conforms with IEC, ASTM, and ISO requirements. Analyses are accredited according to ISO 17025.

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