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Filmed in collaboration with Flemish TV Kanaal Z, a report featuring CEO Luc Goossens, with input from several colleagues, explains some key parts of what Laborelec, part of ENGIE Research and Innovation, does in its work supporting ENGIE and other customers’ move towards the energy transition. A central topic for us.

From our main site in Linkebeek, Belgium, and 5 other international sites, our strong , collaborative, multi-disciplinary teams work with shared purpose: to advance the energy transition through focussed research, innovation and assisting customers with practical implementation of new technologies and the operation of existing assets.

If the video, or topics discussed spark your interest, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As Luc Goossens concludes the report, 3 points “largely” describe what we do:

  • helping customers to optimally integrate renewable energy sources into their energy mix.
  • ensuring balance in the electrical system with enough flexibility/management/storage options to manage natural fluctuations.
  • follow-up and research into different technologies to guarantee sustainability, not just of the energy sources, but of the whole manufacturing and energy chain.
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