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TORSO Detect

Detecting potentially harmful
torsional vibrations in shaft lines

TORSO Detect eliminates your worries for excessive torsional vibrations in today’s situation of constantly changing grid circumstances.

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Reliable torsional vibration detection available to everyone

With TORSO Detect, ENGIE Laborelec provides a low-cost solution that allows you to monitor your turbomachinery system for the presence of harmful torsional vibrations.

Built-in experience

This game-changing monitoring system is the fruit of ENGIE Laborelec’s 30+ years of experience with torsional vibration issues in shaft lines all over the world.

Plug and play

Deploying the same technology as the high-end TORSO Protect system, TORSO Detect simply plugs into your existing system and monitors the torsional vibrations using the available array of sensors. It is an affordable early-warning system that allows you to timely take measures if needed.

Integrate with your DCS

TORSO Detect can be installed on most encountered types of machines and be integrated easily with your DCS or monitoring system.

TORSO Protect

The system’s unique, intelligent detection strategy means that no harmful situation goes unnoticed while avoiding false alarms.

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