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Powder Lab

What is the best way to handle 3D printing powder and how does powder quality affect the properties of a printed component?

To answer these questions, powder manufacturers and additive manufacturing service providers will want to know about Laborelec’s brand-new powder lab.

The lab offers a complete set of characterization techniques, as well as deposition and production testing using a flexible selective laser melting machine to provide data on the condition of a powder batch and its behaviour in the additive manufacturing (AM) process.

Powder characterisation testing,
conducted according to ASTM norms, results in a product factsheet with full information on:

  • Overall powder quality
  • Predicted final component quality
  • Extended characterisation, including:
    • dynamic powder behaviour
    • powder storage
    • moisture
    • shape factor

Powder is tested new, used or after poor storage conditions. Analysis results in Guidelines on the use of certain powder batches, covering factors such as:

  • Shelf-life
  • Storage conditions
  • Re-use
  • Health and safety
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