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Seen the growing pressure on costs in the Wind market, it is in every owner’s interest to have their asset perform at its best.


Based on your available SCADA data (10min or 1s), we run our algorithm to detect relevant static yaw misalignment. All we need is:

  • Measurement timestamp (hh:mm:ss)
  • Turbine active power (MW)
  • Wind speed (m/s)
  • Wind direction (Deg)
  • Turbine nacelle direction (Deg)

This can be performed at park level or at a fleet level for onshore or offshore wind parks.
As output, you’ll receive from us the number of turbines that show a significant yaw misalignment and their severity.
This allows you to only perform a nacelle-based Lidar campaign for the offset correction on the turbines that are financially lucrative.


  • No costly interventions prior to detection of misalignments.
  • Effortless and rapid access to results for your entire fleet.
  • Reduce the increased wear & tear induced by poor alignment.


We manage a fleet of nacelle-based long-range Lidars that we can install onshore and offshore to validate the exact yaw misalignment and verify the correction of the offset.

Have a look at our dedicated webpage: LIDAR

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