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Laborelec has been part of ENGIE Research & Innovation since 2022, along with the Group’s other research and expertise centres, including Crigen in Paris, Cylergie in Lyon, and Lab Singapore. ENGIE Research and Innovation is home to almost 600 researchers across 4 research centres in 6 geographies. With one mission “open up new paths by unlocking the innovation potential”.

Our people

What Laborelec staff say about their company

Always something challenging or new. I like the amount of projects and the fact that we’re always working on something challenging or new – nothing is routine at ENGIE Laborelec.

A friendly atmosphere. There’s a friendly atmosphere. Although Laborelec is not a small company, I feel I got to know a lot of people quite quickly.

Matthijs – Engineer, project manager, head of energy storage.

A very human company. Projects are very diverse and, in my case, they relate to a subject that’s very important to me: renewable energy. And even more important in today’s world, ENGIE Laborelec is a very human company — we are not just a number!

Nothing is impossible. At ENGIE Laborelec, I learned that nothing is impossible; you just have to put your mind to it, with your colleagues, and something innovative, interesting and outside the box will come out of it. That’s also why customers come to us and have confidence in us! 

Fiona – Senior expert and project manager renewable energy.

Variety of projects. What I like most at ENGIE Laborelec is the diversity of activities and the tangible projects and challenges I get to work on. In some respects, we have freedom to work on what is the most interesting to us, which I very much appreciate.

Work/home balance. There is a lot to learn, and interesting and skilled people to work with, a nice balance between professional and private life, and a good salary and benefits.

Benjamin – Engineer, project manager, specialist materials technology.

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We care for you

What we offer you

Be you

 Bring your expertise, we have a passion for pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation in the energy industry.  

Be safe

Safety First, Always! Your Well-being matters to us. At Laborelec, safety and well-being aren’t just our priorities, they are our core values.


We offer a range of resources and opportunities to support your personal and professional development.


At Laborelec, you benefit from the opportunity to interact with people with a variety of backgrounds, experience, and viewpoints.

Career opportunity

Our latest job opportunities

Bring your skills and experience, evolve alongside us, and cultivate your professional journey within a secure and inclusive atmosphere.

Technisch en administratief assistent – afdeling elektriciteit (V/M/X)

Technisch en administratief assistent – afdeling elektriciteit (V/M/X)

Je komt terecht in de afdeling Elektriciteit van de Facilitaire Dienst van Laborelec. Samen zorgen jullie voor de elektrische laagspanningsinstallaties op de site Linkebeek van Laborelec. De belangrijkste taken zijn…

Assistant technico-administratif service électrique(F/M/X)

Assistant technico-administratif service électrique(F/M/X)

Vous rejoignez le pôle électrique du service Facility de Laborelec composé de Grégory Daubie et de ses quatre électriciens. Ensemble, vous vous occuperez des installations électriques basse-tension du site de…

Cluster Manager Nuclear chemistry, concrete and waste (F/M/X)

Cluster Manager Nuclear chemistry, concrete and waste (F/M/X)

Laborelec is looking for a cluster manager nuclear chemistry, concrete and waste. The Nuclear Business Line provides high added value activities towards our nuclear clients and also to the other Business…


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Life at Laborelec

A place to do great things surrounded by great people!

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