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The new IEC 62471 safety standard regulates hazardous radiation emissions from lighting devices. The standard defines a maximum limit for each type of hazard. It determines, for instance, the maximum exposure time of personnel to UV radiation, blue light hazard, and infrared radiation. The goal is to identify products posing a potential hazard and requiring specific marking or safety systems.

Lamps and luminaires photobiological safety testing

ISO 17025 accredited Laboratory for photobiological safety measurement of lamps and luminaires Laborelec offers a complete assessment of lighting products according to this standard. To do so, our experts use reference sources of radiation calibrated in an authorized laboratory, as well as measuring equipment that is regularly recalibrated and recertified. Photobiological safety logoOur Lighting Laboratory also provides the official safety markings that are required on certain products. This marking indicates the hazard level of the lighting source.

One site UV and blue light hazard testing

Laborelec also performs on site assessment of UV and Blue light hazard according to the 2006/25/EC European directive on exposure of workers to artificial radiation.

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