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The Lighting Laboratory is equipped to carry out performance measurements on all commercially available lamps and luminaires. Our experts undertake performance tests using advanced equipment. Additional ageing tests are carried out when necessary or requested. Results are compiled in detailed test reports.

Wide range of lamps and luminaire measurements

Our lighting experts have the equipment to measure any type of lamp (Incandescent, halogen, Compact fluorescent, Fluorescent lamps, discharge lamps, LED,…) and luminaire (indoor, emergency lighting and street lighting). More specifically, we can measure the following parameters:

  • Luminous flux (lumen)
  • Luminous intensity distribution (candela)
  • Power (W)
  • Energy efficiency (lm/W)
  • European Energy Label
  • Power factor and harmonics
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI, Ra)
  • Colour temperature
  • Spectral distribution including UV
  • Start-up and warm-up time

Precise lamp and luminaire measuremetns and recommendations

Laborelec provides clients with a report that compiles all test results. This report is available either as a paper document or in an electronic format (PDF). When applicable, the report comes with a photometric file (in LDT, IES or CIB format) containing all test results. This file can be used in simulation tools (DIALux, Relux and 3ds Max design, Ulysse,…) to simulate the lighting of a specific light source in a given environment.

Lamps and luminaires ageing tests (including LED)

Laborelec also performs laboratory ageing test of lamps and luminaires in compliance with ISO 9001 standard. It allows to assess the reliability of lighting devices (including LED) using different testing methods:

  • Lamp Survival Factor (LSF) and Lamp Luminous Maintenance Factor (LLMF)
  • Fast Switching test
  • Endurance test at different temperature (-20°C to 80°C, Tc + 10K,…)

Lighting laboratory according to standards

The Lighting Laboratory performs tests on lamps and luminaires according to the latest following standards:

  • 1998/11/EC – European Energy Label of lamps
  • 2000/55/EC – Efficiency of ballasts
  • EN 13032 – Measurement of lamps and luminaires
  • IES-LM79 – Measurement of LED products
  • IEC 62612 – Self-ballasted LED lamps
  • IEC 62384 – Performance of LED control gear
  • IEC 60064 – Tungsten Filament lamps
  • IEC 60357- Tungsten Halogen lamps
  • IEC 60969 – Fluocompact lamps
  • IEC 60081, IEC 60901 – Fluorescent lamps
  • IEC 60662 – High pressure sodium lamps
  • IEC 61167 – Metal Halide lamps
  • CIE 63, CIE 84, CIE 121 – Measurement methods
  • CIE S020, IEC 60598-2-22 – Emergency lighting
  • IEC 62442 – Energy performance of HID and LED control gears
  • IEC/PAS 62722 – Luminaire performance (LED)
  • IEC/TR 61341 – reflector lamps
  • IEC 62717 – LED modules
  • EC N° 244/2009 and 245/2009 – European Ecodesign directiv
  • EC N° 874/2012 – European Energy labelling of electrical lamps and luminaires

Street lighting equipment testing according to synergrid technical requirements

Our laboratory is equipped to test street lighting equipment according to the following Synergrid technical specifications:

  • Synergrid C4/9 Lamps
  • Synergrid C4/10 Auxiliaries
  • Synergrid C4/11.1 Luminaires
  • Synergrid C4/11.3 LED luminaries
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