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At Laborelec, part of ENGIE Research & Innovation, looking for innovative ways to contribute to a sustainable future is a permanent reflex, and we think that every little bit helps. In addition to our sustainable energy projects, we have recently taken a step towards reducing our carbon footprint ... by recycling our old laptops.

In 2023, we collaborated with OutOfUse to send in nearly 600 “out-of-use” business laptops and docking stations for treatment and dismantling. The material value of our “trash” collection was astonishingly valued at €6,938.

This sum was then donated to NatuurPunt, which will use it to replant 3470m² of trees – a rectangle of 170 x 20 m of natural, growing, carbon-reducing collaborators.

Just an idea for all like-minded partners and businesses; check your “laptop-trash” store-rooms for potential forests!

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