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Get to know Laborelec’s Digital Solutions Team

More than 50 experts at the beating-heart of Laborelec's Digital Solutions team.

Committed to serve clients and stay on the forefront of innovation, our digital experts seamlessly blend professionalism with technical & engineering expertise.  Embracing collaborative and agile methodologies, we lead cutting-edge IT projects driven by a joint passion for innovation and excellence; geared to shape the future of energy through digital solutions.

Our people

Our employees thought

Transitioning to the digital team as a full-stack developer in 2022 marked an exciting shift from a solid career as digital communications expert in the Laborelec Energy Storage Lab. This new role lets me professionally merge two primeat Lao motivations: Supporting my colleagues and business teams while daily honing my digital skills. The dynamic atmosphere, surrounded by seasoned digital experts, is an inspiring environment for continuous growth.

Dries Lemmens – Cluster Manager.

Being part of the Digital Team transcends coding and testing—it’s a collaboration of cross-functional experts with a good goal. My passion is applying my skills to enhance others’ efficiency. I emphasize the importance of IT support technicians, bridging technical expertise with interpersonal skills for seamless operations and user satisfaction.

Carmen Mira Sanchez – Expert Digital Tool

There are multiple things that characterise the work done in our digital team: A good variety of projects, from prospective research right up to product development; with team work and direct contact with customers and many other teams of ENGIE thrown in.

Here, we blend various skills; software development, applied mathematics and energy domain expertise, all to deliver our unique solutions. This combination sets us apart and adds intrigue to our work. Personally, I’ve thrived on diverse projects, from research-yielding patents to collaborating in the development of tangible products.

Bertrand Haut – Specialist Engineer.

Our digital team is incredible—diverse, accessible, supportive, and always ready to share and exchange knowledge. ENGIE Research & Innovation fosters a vibrant community, not just professionally but also through afterwork activities, team events, and company-wide gatherings

Coralie Carpiaux – Product Owner.

The technicalities and multi-disciplinarity nature of our projects at Laborelec always inspire me. For example; I’ve worked on Torso (Torsional Vibration of Turbine shafts), LPMS (Loose Parts monitoring in the primary water circuit of the nuclear reactor), Monitoring of Electrical Vehicles (battery usage, charging efficiency…), amongst others.

Most projects requiring a combination of engineering: Measurement techniques, electronics design, programming, data visualization. In short, taking the complete chain from the physical world all the way up to the interpretation by the user of the measurements. It makes my job a very compelling and motivating package.

Filip Verbinnen – Specialist Engineer.

Our digital team has a unique position within ENGIE. We serve as the Group’s centre for digital Innovation & Research across the entire electrical value chain, while also providing specialised value-added services to industrial customers in the market. It’s our digital agility and ability to together work across the spectrum, developing innovative and industrialised services for energy operators, engineers and experts that really distinguishes us from others.

Thomas Appelmans – Cluster Manager.


What makes Laborelec's Digital Solutions team unique?

Our dynamic team of digital experts is a fusion of diverse engineering and digital specialist profiles working together to support clients in their energy transition.

More than your classic IT team; we’re a group of highly skilled Engineers, jointly passionate about software & hardware development, product & project management, mathematics… and the energy future.

Together we elevate, digitally and diligently, Laborelec projects, from our work-friendly, green site in Linkebeek as one team; there for our customers and the energy transition.

What we achieve

Our projects

Operational Excellence

Our goal is to modernise the Condition Monitoring industry by providing advanced digital products and services to help our clients improve operations, reduce risks, and enhance asset performance.

With our innovative solutions, we provide strong support, the digital means and practical insights to empower well-informed decisions towards sustainable growth and improved competitiveness.

Energy Management

Building and deploying sustainable energy solutions, our EMS Program accelerates the development of innovative software and products for ENGIE and its clients.

From industrial on-site optimization to AI-driven Green H2 production and Smart Charging innovation, we’re shaping a future where energy efficiency finally meets intelligent solutions, driving down costs and fostering a greener tomorrow.

Research & Development

Our team is an innovation funnel focussed on energy systems computational modelling towards energy decarbonization and sustainable development.

Leveraging data-driven analytics and innovative thinking to drive research proposals and incubate product ideas in support of experts and customers – that’s our interest, passion and mission.

Working with the Digital Solutions team

The way we work

We employ agile software development methodologies to deliver products, services, and research projects effectively.

This value-driven approach breaks down the delivery process into sprints; enabling continuous feedback, adaptability to changing requirements, and a focus on efficiency.

We prioritise customer satisfaction by making their needs core to our solutions.

The Laborelec Digital team is a diverse group of engineers and experts with a wide range of skills and expertise.

We encompass:

  • Software engineers
  • Data acquisition and Hardware specialists
  • Mathematicians and Data scientists
  • Product owners
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Scrum masters

We create multi-disciplinary teams around products or projects to deliver value effectively and in line with customers’ needs.

Close-working teams bringing different expertise, allow us to handle the entire delivery process, maintain close customer relationships, and focus intently, on a single product, or group of projects, as needed within our digital portfolio.

The benefits of our collaborative structure are numerous; fostering innovation, problem-solving, and a holistic approach to delivery.


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