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A 15-year public lighting contract with Chile's city of Santiago

Chile’s city of Santiago has awarded ENGIE Services a hard-won, 15-year public lighting contract. A big deal for us as our Lighting Competence Centre experts played a substantial role in helping it happen.

With services including gradual replacement of city lighting with new generation LED streetlights, the financial gain made on the purchase of the new luminaire from an emerging manufacturer allowed ENGIE to make a very attractive offer to the Municipality of Santiago. But this also made validation of the technical compliance of the selected luminaire regarding specifications, safety, performance and durability crucially important. The work carried out by our team covered amongst others:

  • Analysis of the manufacturer’s test reports and certificates.
  • Measurement in the laboratory of the lumen output.
  • Assessment of the design and manufacturing aspects.

At the end of the validation process, the LED Street Lighting Luminaire was declared compliant with all the technical requirements of ENGIE and the city’s needs. In addition, thanks to their design, we can predict they will also allow for easier maintenance.

Public lighting chile

Want to know more about our Lighting Laboratory?

ENGIE Laborelec’s accredited and manufacturer-independent Lighting Department conducts tests and measurements on all light sources for industrial, tertiary, and street lighting applications. We also carry out audits, provide expert advice, and provide technical specifications.

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