Free webinar | Is your water-steam cycle at risk?

Return on experience clearly shows that chemistry-related deviations and incidents in power plant water-steam cycles can have costly consequences.
Unwanted deposits and corrosion can lead to boiler leaks or even require piping, heat exchangers or turbine blades to be replaced, resulting in steep replacement costs in many cases. Collateral damage can also be very costly, since it is a requirement for most power plants to produce power, and any unplanned shutdown comes with big penalties.
Fortunately, keeping the risk of incidents to a minimum is possible if precautions are observed.

Date and time

The webinar takes place on 12 November. Mark your calendar!  9 am Brussels  (UTC +1)  |  10 am Istanbul  (UTC +2)  |  11 am Riyadh & Dubai (UTC +3)  |  2 pm Bangkok  (UTC +6)

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Bring your own cases!

You are most welcome to share your cases for discussion during the webinar. Our experts will be on hand to offer their opinions, and you’ll also benefit from hearing from peers in other companies who may have faced the same issues.

Meet our experts

During the webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to meet our experts: Mélissa Duyckaerts, Han Huynh, Anthony Senécat and Marnix Vermeersch. All specialists in power plant water chemistry, the team has proven field experience supporting operators as they respond to everyday issues and longer term challenges. They also provide assistance in a range of specific situations such as commissioning, restart and mothballing.
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