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Is there something new to say?

Many things have already been said about power transformers, but the information that circulates online is not always impartial nor up-to-date. With this webinar, our experts want to share tips and opinions in an objective and independent manner.

Date: 26 March 2020

Brussels, Madrid, Paris, Berlin   9am
Istanbul   10am
Abu Dhabi, Dubai   11am
Manilla, Taipei   3pm


We know your time is important. We also know that available data is often too abundant. Allow us to make your work easier: in one hour, you’ll get a concentration of relevant information, selected on the basis of the most frequent questions and problems of operators of power transformers worldwide.


Join us free of charge.

Not available on the day of the webinar?

No problem, you can register anyway and we will send you the slides and the link to watch the recording afterwards.

No blah-blah, only relevant technical stuff you need to know

This webinar will address, head-on, a compilation of frequently asked questions that we regularly receive from international operators concerning the condition monitoring of power transformers. No lengthy theoretical talk. We have selected 3 electrical topics and 3 oil analysis-related topics:

    • Electrical monitoring or DGA: which strategy works best and at what stage of the transformer lifecycle?
    • Practical tips to reduce risks during electrical measurements.
    • Not all bushings involve the same risk, so which of them deserve priority attention?
    • The do’s and don’ts of dissolved gas analysis.
    • Why water-in-oil content should not be underestimated.
    • Transformers ageing markers: what works and what doesn’t?

That said – if you have another troubling question, send it to us before 15 March and we’ll do our best to include it.

Questions at the event? Please feel free to ask!

We welcome your questions at the webinar, and please also feel free to bring specific cases for discussion. Our experts will be ready to offer their opinions and advice. Any questions we don’t get to will be addressed by email after the webinar. Questions can be in English, French or Dutch.

Meet our experts


Steve Eeckhoudt is a senior expert within the Electrical Equipment Competence Centre at ENGIE Laborelec, specialist in insulating fluids and power transformer condition monitoring. The centre focus is on helping operators to assess the condition of their power transformers and ensure reliable monitoring. Steve is also the author of a number of publications and has participated in international research projects on corrosive sulphur, oil additives, stray gassing, transformer ageing and condition assessment. He is a member of several IEC TC10 working groups (MT21, MT38) and CIGRE working groups (JWG D1/A2.47, D1.70) and is the current chairman of the Belgian NC IEC TC10.


Robby De Smedt is an electrical expert in power transformers, also working in the Electrical Equipment Competence Centre at ENGIE Laborelec. He is always on hand to provide assistance in the field of transformers to engineering companies, power plant and grid operators, as well as maintenance companies worldwide, ranging from purchasing, manufacturing, and installation, to maintenance and troubleshooting. Over the years, he has gained wide experience as a witness to the transformer manufacturing process and factory acceptance tests and with auditing of transformers suppliers. Robby also has up-to-date knowledge of standards relating to transformers (IEC/ANSI) and quality issues that might arise during manufacturing.

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