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Corrosion in PWR nuclear power plants

Description of corrosion principles and mechanisms applicable in Presurized Water Reactor (PWR) nuclear power plants + description of measures applied to minimize corrosion phenomena.

Main materials present in nuclear power plants
General principles of corrosion and corrosion protection
Different types of corrosion
Examples/case studies

Technicians working in chemistry teams or on the maintenance of chemical circuits.

Two days

If interested in the course but the proposed dates do not suit your schedule and would like to be enroled on a wayting list, or if you would like a dedicated session for your team (on-demand), please get in contact at

Price: €1390 (not including VAT)

  • 13 – 14 August 2020 (English Delivery) – Online

*Please note that the mentioned dates are subject to change if the required number of participants is not met.

Séverine De Vroey

Céline Hautfenne

Want to attend this technical training?

Bring your own cases and get answers to your questions

You are most welcome to ask questions during the training and bring specific cases for discussion.  Questions can be asked in English, French or Dutch.

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