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Cooling water treatment

The course is a general introduction to cooling circuits in the industry, not only in power plants but also in other industrial sectors. Attendees get an overview about the typical designs, main components and the three main issues that may arise in cooling circuits : biofouling, scaling & corrosion.


  • Typical designs: once-through, semi-open, with or without cooling tower.
  • Water intake.
  • Condenser (material, cleaning technologies, …).
  • Cooling tower (if present).

Importance of site-specific discharge limits such as temperature and types of chemicals.


  • How to avoid scaling, how to use scale inhibitors.
  • Main parameters to monitor the risk of scaling.


  • How to avoid biofouling in the cooling circuit (coating, biocide, …).
  • Main parameters to be followed for a good disinfection (ORP, chemicals concentration, biology).


  • Potential corrosion issues in cooling circuits.
  • How to avoid corrosion in cooling circuits (inhibitors, corrosion probes, …).

How to preserve cooling circuits during shutdown (cooling tower, condenser, intake, …).

The course addresses a wide audience, including operators, power plant chemists, plant operation or maintenance engineers, consultants and technical project managers.

One day

If interested in the course but the proposed dates do not suit your schedule and would like to be enroled on a wayting list, or if you would like a dedicated session for your team (on-demand), please get in contact at

Price: €690 (not including VAT)

  • 23 July 2020 (English Delivery) – Online

*Please note that the mentioned dates are subject to change if the required number of participants is not met.

Christophe Vanschepdael is Project Engineer in water treatment including boiler and cooling water treatment at ENGIE Laborelec. He received his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Environment from the ‘Haute Ecole Louvain en Hainaut’ in 2006. Since then, he works at Laborelec as expert for power plant worldwide. He has participated at different seminaries, workshops, presenting several papers. He received also a ‘Grand Prix’ at the GDFSUEZ Innovation Trophy in 2014 working on: ‘Implementation of an innovative, cost effective and safer anti-scalant for cooling water circuits’.

Want to attend this technical training?

Bring your own cases and get answers to your questions

You are most welcome to ask questions during the training and bring specific cases for discussion.  Questions can be asked in English, French or Dutch.

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