Technical seminar | Vibrations in machinery with fluid film bearings - OMAN

Vibration monitoring is an essential tool in predictive maintenance strategies. This technical seminar will provide an introduction to the theory and practice of vibration analysis in rotating machinery with fluid film bearing. As central elements of any industrial installation, rotating machinery with fluid film bearings demands special attention to ensure their availability and reliability and to optimize life-cycle costs and residual life expectancy.  The typical signatures of vibration problems associated with a broad range of machine types from around the world will be illustrated and discussed, with real case studies drawn from ENGIE Laborelec’s extensive experience in vibration monitoring.
25-26 September 2019
 Radison Collection Hotel
Muscat Oman
Two days
Registration fee : €900


Olivier Le Fevere de ten Hove

Olivier le Fevere de ten Hove, 36 years old, is an expert in vibrations and mechanics of large power generation turbines. He has more than 10 years of experience in vibration analysis and vibration troubleshooting. Next to permanent monitoring, he has specialized in specific vibration testing (impact testing, modal analysis, operational deflection shape measurements) using various equipment. He has also conducted trim balancing operations on various turbine types. He has specialized in the dynamic behaviour of generator stator end windings and has been involved in several root cause analysis cases.


Wednesday 25th of September

08:30 – Welcome and coffee
09:00 – Technical seminar 

  • Introduction.
  • Basic elements of vibration analysis theory:
    • Harmonic vibrations
    • Spectral analysis
    • Resonance
    • Stiffness and damping
  • Introduction to the major rotor elements, and dynamic behaviour of a shaft line (rotor, fluid film bearings, foundation, etc.).
  • Typical measurement techniques for vibration monitoring

17:30 – Closing time
19:00 – Evening activities including dinner

Thursday 26th of September

08:30 – Welcome and coffee
09:00 – Technical seminar 

Typical signature of vibration problems associated with turbomachines, explanations based on real-world case studies:

  • Rub (newkirk, intermittent rub, etc.)
  • Thermal imbalance of the shaft
  • Shaft eccentricity
  • Blade loss
  • Asynchronous vibration due to instabilities in the oil film
  • Steam whirl
  • Humming 

17:30 – Closing time

Bring your own cases!

You are most welcome to bring cases and experience for discussion during the seminar. Our experts will offer their opinions, and you’ll also benefit from hearing from peers in other companies who may have had the same experiences.
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