Technical seminar | Indoor lighting: requirements, conception, technologies and energy concerns

Light is a human essential. It impacts our behaviour, wellness, social life, and our economic activity. Over time, humans have developed the technology to create artificial light, allowing social and economic activity to extend into the hours of darkness. At the same time, scientific knowledge, and the application of this knowledge, have created a world of possibilities for lighting technologies and their varying characteristics. Lighting is now a very complex business and it has to fulfil a lot of requirements. This two-day technical seminar provides answers to frequently asked questions, such as:
  • What is light, and what technologies to produce it are at our disposal?
  • What are the differences between lumen and lux or candela and candela / m²?
  • Why are uniformity and glare important?
  • What is LED technology?
  • 21-22 November 2019
    ENGIE Laborelec
    125 Rodestraat
    1630 Linkebeek
    Two days
    Registration fee : €1200


    Marc Vanden Bosch is an expert in indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Starting his career in the field of lighting technology as a team member of the lighting and photometry laboratory of ENGIE Laborelec, he developed expertise in all domains of lighting applications, measurements and standards. With many years of experience, he is now a lighting expert, and a member of technical working groups developing standards and technical specifications. As well as being active in the field, through assignments commissioned by grid operators or ENGIE Group subsidiaries, he is technical officer in charge of the photometric lighting laboratory.

    Bring your own cases!

    You are most welcome to bring cases and experience for discussion during the seminar. Our experts will offer their opinions, and you’ll also benefit from hearing from peers in other companies who may have had the same experiences.
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