The development of electric mobility has brought with it new challenges for site managers of companies whose staff use electric vehicles. For example, how do you minimize the impact of a fleet of electric vehicles on existing infrastructure, and how can you squeeze initial investment costs while still giving users a high level of convenience?

SMATCH, ENGIE’s solution for intelligent management of EV charging, provides a simple and cost-effective response to these challenges.

Making the best use of existing infrastructure

Faced with the growing number of charging terminals on a site, one might immediately think of reinforcing the electrical network, or increasing the size of its connection to the distribution network. But, such structural adjustments are costly. The alternative is to use the existing network more intelligently, distributing electricity consumption more efficiently during times of lowest demand during the day, and making optimum use of any available local power supply.

SMATCH makes it possible

SMATCH automatically manages load sessions for your fleet’s vehicles based on the characteristics of your power grid and the energy available at any moment of the day. Users just connect their vehicles and specify the desired recharge level. SMATCH does the rest: it manages the loading cycles of the various terminals in parallel, slows down or speeds up charging according to the available power, and notifies the user when the vehicle is charged.

Benefits of SMATCH

30% cut in installation costs

Because it reduces the total power required for recharging, SMATCH makes it possible to cut electrical infrastructure – such as cable sections and protection – to a bare minimum. The savings can be as much as 30%.

Maximum integration

SMATCH integrates easily into existing systems on your site, such as centralized energy management systems. It can also ensure optimum use of local electricity production, for example from a solar panel installation.

Local electrical peak shaving

By dynamically shifting the power allocated to electric vehicle charging to times when there is lower energy consumption within the building, SMATCH significantly reduces peak consumption, with positive effects on energy bills.

User friendly

SMATCH allows easy control of the charging sequence, the required level of energy warranty, and the management of priorities according to user need.

Three service levels

As a Facility Manager, three versions of SMATCH are available to you, depending on your specific needs and the flexibility you wish to offer your users.

The charging sequence, as viewed by the user

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