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Street lighting contractors face increasing challenges verifying the quality and correct parametrization of lighting devices. ENGIE Laborelec has developed an affordable and easy-to-use Street Lighting Control Box to test samples of incoming batches against required output parameters.


Are the supplied luminaires correctly set up?

The street lighting industry has changed massively over the past decade. Not only has continuous progress in LED and smart control technology made street lighting solutions more effective and energy-efficient, the range of LED luminaires available has boomed, with each in various versions and with different factory settings.
These settings, however, are crucially important to the luminaire’s performance, since they greatly influence such output parameters as luminous flux, color temperature and light distribution. Street lighting contractors need therefore to be certain that the lighting batches supplied meet with functional requirements.


The perfect tool to check batch compliance

ENGIE Laborelec’s Street Lighting Control Box is the perfect tool to check that incoming batches comply. It is a test chamber 1.2 m long, 0.8 m wide and 1 m tall. Luminaires to be tested are inserted face-up at the bottom of the unit. Sensors in the unit measure the luminaire’s luminous flux, color temperature, power consumption, and power factor. The unit compares the measured values with those provided by the supplier. A test report is then automatically generated.

Why choose ENGIE Laborelec?

A reliable, independent Lighting partner

ENGIE Laborelec’s Lighting Department operates an accredited laboratory for testing and measuring all types of lighting, including applications for industry, the tertiary sector, and public services. The service is increasingly valuable in response to the exponential growth in LED lighting applications, where it is often difficult to distinguish good products from bad.

An accredited laboratory

ENGIE Laborelec’s Lighting Laboratory is accredited to carry out tests in compliance with the ISO 17025 standard. It is also accredited for calibrating lamps and measuring equipment.

Reliable and unbiased reports

ENGIE Laborelec’s service is manufacturer-independent, meaning that the company has no commercial interest in promoting or discouraging the use of any particular application. Tests and reports are unbiased and completely reliable.

For all parties involved in the Lighting Business

Quality control and performance evaluation tests can be carried out on behalf of all parties involved in the lighting market, including buyers, project developers, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers.

Measurement range

Total luminous flux 100 – 200.000 lm
CCT 1.700 – 10.000 K
Luminaire power 0 – 1000 W
Operating temperature +5…+35 °C
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Immediate acceptance test

The tool allows street lighting contractors to quickly test whether a supplied batch complies with the defined output requirements.


Suitable for all common luminaires

The unit can test luminaires of up to 1.1 m in length, 0.75 m wide and 0.8 m tall. The electrical connection accommodates power up to 1000 W.

Ease of use

The unit is very easy to use and can be operated by any technician. The large door and drawer make luminaires easy to install, and a laser cross helps the operator accurately position them in the measurement chamber. After loading the appropriate testing parameters based on the luminaire reference number, the software launches a measurement sequence culminating in the automatic production of the test report.

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