ENGIE Laborelec launches ReNOx, a new consulting, equipment and service provider for the SCR DeNOx market in the USA

Cincinnati, OH November 1, 2018 – ENGIE Laborelec, a leading expertise and research center in electrical power technology, has teamed up with experts from within the North American Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) community to launch ReNOx Inc., a new North American environmental consulting, equipment and services provider for the US electric generation market. Aligned with ENGIE’s objective to make electricity production more environmentally friendly, the focus will be to supply SCR users with new and/or regenerated DeNOx catalyst equipment as well as superior management and maintenance services, including catalyst inspection, testing and cleaning.ReNOx’s  Go-to-Market strategy is to lower the total cost of ownership based on a unique Owner-Operator solutions portfolio. ReNOx’s products and services have been evaluated, tested and validated through ENGIE Laborelec’s testing facilities in Europe and proven in multiple power generation stations across the world for the last 25 years.

Richard Sample, CEO of ReNOx Inc. is heading the new endeavor in North America. Richard has 11 years of experience advising and implementing Vistra Energy’s (formerly Dynegy) environmental control equipment strategy on its fossil fuel plants. “I am looking forward to assisting my colleagues in the power generation field to better manage these assets operationally, environmentally, and financially.”

Michael Ware, COO of ReNOx Inc. has already been working hard to secure its first contracts. With a background in in-situ cleaning of SCRs, Michael has been a pioneer in the industry working to improve the techniques and technologies for fossil fuel power generation facilities across the US. “With our suite of services for the SCR, we look forward to enabling a lower cost of operations for the utility owner and longer life to the SCR catalyst operation.

Xavier Henry, International VP and head of the SCR business at ENGIE Laborelec, said, The combination of established expertise of ReNOx experts and ENGIE Laborelec makes it possible to put at disposal of the North American markets a complete and unique range of independent services in the field of SCR deNOx installations, from catalyst testing and asset management plans, supply of new or regenerated catalysts and O&M optimization such as high-performance cleaning. The development of ReNOx will give us the position of global leader of independent environmental SCR service provider.”