KepCo special technical seminar | Cost optimization of SCR deNOx plants

1-day course | 5 KepCo locations

Catalytic deNOx installations are expensive to operate and maintain. However, experience shows that with the appropriate global approach, the total cost of ownership of a deNOx plant can be reduced significantly.
The essentials
  • Postponing catalyst replacement is entirely possible, provided that its condition is independently assessed.
  • By addressing a range of aspects of the operation and maintenance of a deNOx unit, it is often possible to increase its overall performance. In other words, it is not only the catalyst that counts.
  • There are cost-effective alternatives to simply replacing the catalyst, e.g. regeneration or washing.
  • Where catalyst replacement cannot be avoided, less expensive solutions that don’t require using the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) are available.

Provisional agenda


  • Introduction about ENGIE-Laborelec as independent denox system expert

  • The different possible types and designs of SCR systems and typical supplier guarantees

  • Discussion on the operations and maintenance of SCR systems and possible solutions for most typical issues

  • SCR cleaning systems

  • Inspection and sampling of SCR

  • Independent laboratory bench scale analysis of SCR samples

  • Independent remaining lifetime calculations

  • Catalyst replacement management

  • Questions and answers, technical discussions, agreement of agenda for the afternoon.


  • AIG tuning

  • Ammonia consumption,

  • NH3 slip monitoring

  • Ammonia auto-injection

  • High performance denox cleaning

  • Questions and answers, technical discussions

Bring your own cases!

You are most welcome to share your cases for discussion during the webinar. Our experts will be on hand to offer their opinions, and you’ll also benefit from hearing from peers in other companies who may have faced the same issues.

Meet our experts

During the webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to meet our experts: Xavier HENRY. Expert in denox plants, the team has proven field experience supporting operators as they respond to everyday issues and longer term challenges. They also provide assistance in a range of specific situations
ENGIE_Laborelec_Xavier HENRY

Why rely on the expertise of ENGIE Laborelec?

20 years experience with SCR technology​, from design to asset management

  • 20 years experience with independent catalyst testing, SCR performance modeling, O&M costs optimization, including turnkey delivery of new / regenerated / washed catalyst solutions.
  • Experience with all types of catalyst and fuels (coal, gas, fuel oil, biomass, waste).
  • Unlike regular testing companies or OEM, ENGIE Laborelec is part of an utility group, being direclty involved in O&M return of experience, as well as SCR design and commissioning experience.
  • ENGIE Laborelec is involved in an international network of catalyst experts, including SCR OEM, catalyst manufacturers, universities, catalyst users group and research centers. ENGIE Laborelec is also part of the Steering Committee of the Flue Gas Cleaning VGB group.
  • ENGIE Laborelec has a wide range of customers, in Europe, Middle-East, US and Asia, for a total of more than 60 SCR’s worldwide.
  • Multidisciplinary approach, taking into account primary NOx reduction and SNCR technologies, as well as upstream and downstream impacts of SCR technology.